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Conway's Game of Life is not a game that's playable per-se, but more of a mathematical game. An example of a cellular automaton, it is sort of a simple simulation of the life of cells over time. It consists of a grid of cells that can be alive or dead. The cells are set up in an initial pattern, called the seed. Time is then incremented through a series of generations or ticks. Specific rules define what happens to each cell based on its neighbors at each tick. Neighbors are directly adjacent in eight directions. The rules:

Various patterns can appear on the grid. These are studied, and even given names, like glider, block, and beacon. They can be grouped into categories, such as:

The game makes for a good simple programming exercise. As such, it is used for Code Retreat, an annual day-long event of programming practice. It helps develop or hone skills, particularly focusing on software development and design fundamentals, modularity, and object-orientation.

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